Sunday, May 9, 2010

New Releases, 11 May 2010

Why not carry on celebrating Mother's day into the week, and pick your old mum up a fresh new dvd from 9th St Video? It would really make her day, and make you feel like less of an ingrate! Here are a few choices...

Ethan Hawke and Willem Dafoe play good vampires in a world of bad vampires, and there are human blood factories like the above, and so on.
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Acclaimed Nazis-climbing-a-mountain thriller, looks fantastic and played at Ragtag
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It's the end times, and you can expect a ton of Angel ass-kicking. (That's Gabriel in the movie poster, and below that, what Da Vinci thought he looked like.)
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New Mel Gibson flick, wherein someone messes with his stuff and/or family, and he goes about taking a bloody/morally-justified revenge
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Great new film from Japan that combines the going-off-to-a-monastery-for-a-while-and-learning-about-onesself trope with the triad-gang-intrigue plotline.

And a double-helping of mid-70s Herzog, from the midst of his highly formal, Caspar David Friedrich-esque period. We've recently received HEART OF GLASS and THE ENIGMA OF KASPAR HAUSER, and they're both fantastic.
Reviews of both are halfway down this page, and we have all of the other films discussed there (also all really great).

That's a pretty masculine list, so on second thought maybe you should leave your old mum out of this. Feel free to rent as many films as you possibly can though, and have a great week!

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