Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Releases, 21 September 2010

Wow, last week's dvds were so amazing that when we tried to post about them, our screen set on fire and the internet burned down! We promise to never to do that again, but we can't help it. Our movies are REALLY GOOD. Case in point:

Werner Herzog's newest, a cop thriller/drama he made at the same time as BAD LIEUTENANT, and in collaboration with fellow nutball David Lynch.
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A lot of people involved with GLADIATOR try to see if lightning will strike twice...

New, well-reviewed Argentinian thriller, think it played at Ragtag, and if it didn't it should've
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In order to convincingly portray a gentleman of Persian lineage, Jake Gyllenhaaaal uses an English accent in Disney's latest franchise attempt.
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In this fillum (Irish for "film), Colin Farrel plays a bloke who finds a mairmed (Irish for "mermaid")
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Very funny new show, full of very, very funny people. Check it out!
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The hit comedy show is back, now with more yelling!

The show that bent the Emmy awards over its knee and taught them a serious lesson
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This image has nothing to do with the movie, but it is a pretty cool shirt available here.

If your computer gets hot while you're reading this, be sure to cool it down by spraying it with water periodically so it doesn't burn to the ground.

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