Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Releases, 31 August 2010

Get ready, because you'll want to watch every minute of each of these, including trailers and anti-piracy videos. They're that good.
Three films, each taking a look at unsolved killings in the UK's rough north. Great stuff, played at Ragtag

Michael Caine has to take the law into his own hands, in a different, even rougher part of the UK
Review     Trailer

J. Lo sets out to solve the mystery of who stole that guy's underwear.
Review     Trailer
Great new thriller from down under--that's right, the rough part of Australia
Review     Trailer

Spoiler Alert! The whole thing was just a TV executive's dream...
Review     Trailer

Spoiler Alert! In the season finale, it's finally Lupus!
Don Cornelius is back, and he's brought a ton of great performances and delightful ads for Afro Sheen! Seriously, check it out

Have a great week everybody!

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